Quebec taking steps towards combating racism, Opposition on Bill 61, Boating Accident may have caused death of Montreal's humpback whale

Hadassah Alencar




Quebec taking steps towards combating racism

Legault says he’ll change the public sector workforce to better reflect Quebec’s real demographic make-up. 

This after a report by the Quebec Human Rights Commission showed only 6.3 per cent of the government employees were visible minorities. 

But, minorities account for 13.7 per cent of Quebec's population.

Anti-racism protests have also relit the issue of controversial historical statues in public spaces. 

In Montreal, a petition calls for the removal of Sir John A. Macdonald’s statue at the Place du Canada. 

Over 10 000 signatures have been collected.

Opposition on Bill 61

Opposition parties are asking for the Legault governments Bill 61 to be rewritten completely.

The legislation was proposed to jump-start the economy, but includes several contested elements. 

Bill 61 cuts environmental protection and gives the government more power during a health emergency.

Boating Accident may have caused death of Montreal's humpback whale

A boat strike may have killed Montreal’s wandering humpback whale in the St. Lawrence River last week.

A group of veterinarians from l'Université de Montreal told CTV news their first necropsy showed the whale was likely in good health until her death. 

It will be a month or two before the full report is ready.