Quebec reopening schools and daycares, Legault's economic plan, wearing your masks

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Quebec reopening schools and daycares

Quebec is reopening elementary schools and daycares starting on May 11th.

A maximum of 15 students will be allowed per class, and they’ll need to stay two-metres apart.

The Ministry of Education will also be providing masks to daycare workers, but said it won't be mandatory to wear them.

The decision has left many teachers and parents confused as they try to prepare for the new normal. 

As of now, attendance is not mandatory. 

Legault's economic plan

It’s a first step in Quebec’s plans to re-open businesses gradually in May, including retail businesses, construction, and manufacturing plants. 

The province has the most COVID-19 deaths in Canada, with Montreal at the epicenter of the virus outbreak.

While Legault claims the virus is concentrated in long-term care homes, positive cases in Montreal have not declined. 

The re-opened businesses will bring roughly 500 000 Montrealers back to work.

Wearing your masks

Mayor Valerie Plante is also urging Montrealers to wear face coverings. 

Plante said there would be no large gatherings throughout the summer, and that this summer overall, will be different.

There are still no plans to open water parks, libraries, sport facilities or playgrounds.