Quebec enters Zone Yellow, Novavax highly effective in trials, Charges laid against accused London attacker

Stories by Allison O’Reilly

Reported by Allison O’Reilly


Quebec Enters Yellow Zone

As of this past Monday, all of Quebec including Montreal has entered Zone Yellow, making ways for more relaxed rules around social gathering.

Once the epicenter of COVID-19 in Canada, Montreal has reported fewer than 100 cases per day in the past week.

In Zone Yellow, people from two different households can gather indoors at private residences. Two households can eat together at a table at a restaurant, and all restaurants must keep a guest registry. Also, bars are now open, but singing and dancing is still prohibited. 

Despite the encouraging numbers and relaxed rules, officials are still urging the public to prioritize safety, as most of the population still has only received one dose of the vaccine.


Novavax Highly Effective in Trials

In other COVID-19 news, after a late-stage study, vaccine maker Novavax said its shot is highly effective against the virus and its variants. 

According to the company, the vaccine demonstrated 90 percent effectiveness, with minimal side effects.

While demand for vaccines has dropped significantly in North America, the Novavax vaccine will play an important role in boosting vaccine supplies around the world due to its easy storage and transportation.


Charges Laid Against Accused London Attacker

In other news, terror charges have been laid against the man accused of intentionally driving into a Muslim family in London, Ontario, killing four and injuring a child.

Twenty-year-old Nathaniel Veltman was facing four counts of first-degree-murder and one count of attempted murder, however at a court appearance on Monday, prosecutors informed Veltman that they received consent to pursue terrorism charges under section 83 of the Criminal code.

Police have alleged that the attack on June 6 was a planned and premeditated act against Muslims.

A vigil for the family and a multi-faith walk last week saw thousands of Londoners show their support for the Muslim community.