Purple heroin, MMIWG Report, Diplomats lose visas to Venezuela

Luca Caruso-Moro





A notoriously dangerous mix of pharmaceuticals and street drugs known as Purple Heroin may have found its way into Montreal.

The purple powder mixture is known to contain Fentanyl, as well as heroin and OxyContin.

Montreal and Quebec police say they are aware of the drug, but have not made any arrests.

There are no recorded overdoses.


“We call upon all governments to ensure that all Indigenous communities receive immediate and necessary resources...”

An excerpt from the newly released final report from the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

The 1200 page report calls for immediate government action to address the disproportionate rate of violence against Indigenous Women and Girls.

Marion Buller, chief Commissioner of the Inquiry.

Marion Buller “An absolute paradigm shift is required to dismantle colonialism in Canadian Society.”

The report outlines 231 steps to address a situation the Inquiry defines as Canadian Genocide.

The report: https://www.mmiwg-ffada.ca/final-report/


In international news,

Canada has closed its embassy in Venezuela.

According to government officials, Canadian diplomats will no longer hold visas by the end of this month.

Canada and the US have withdrawn their ambassadors from Venezuela following an election that they and other countries consider illegitimate.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU “We are going to continue to fight for peace, democracy and stability in a country that was once the most successful and prosperous country in South America and is now a terrible humanitarian crisis.”

That’s Trudeau speaking earlier this year in support of Venezuelan Opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Gualdó seeks the help of Venezuela’s military to stage a coup against current leader Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro has criticized wealthier countries, saying the US is interested in Venezuela’s oil and gas reserves.