Priest Returns to Oratory, Secularism Bill, Brexit Impass

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Father Claude Grou has returned to celebrate mass at the St-Joseph Oratory one week after stabbing. The Priest announced that security measures were being evaluated, but the Oratory shall remain open to all.

The incident happened last week during mass. The mass was being live streamed online. Fortunately, the injuries were minor and he was released from hospital the same day.

The priest said he did not know the attacker, but hopes he will receive the helps he need.


The CAQ’s promised secularism bill was tabled on Thursday. The bill contains various new rules regulating religious symbols in the government.

The bill has been controversial for its treatment of religious minorities. Symbols like the hijab, kipa, and turban would all be prohibited from certain positions. Affected positions include teachers, principals, police officers and crown prosecutors.

Absent from the new law are any plans to remove the crucifix from the national assembly. However, a motion to move it was approved unanimously and the CAQ has promised to relocate it.

The bill also makes use of the notwithstanding clause, shielding it from the charter of rights and freedoms for 5 years.


The Brexit plan has once again fallen in the UK parliament. Ahead of this one, Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to resign if it passed.

Brexit was scheduled for March 29, but a complete inability to pass any sort of deal in parliament has left the UK in an uncertain position.

April 12 is now the new date, with a possible extension until May 22nd if May can get a majority vote on a deal. If not, it’s a no deal brexit on April 12.

The UK has been at a standstill over brexit after refusing all deals, no deal, a second referendum, or abandoning brexit all together. Despite this, the government weathered a no confidence vote and a leadership challenge.