Pouzza Fest, 7th Edition - May 19 to 21, 2017

The seventh edition of Pouzza Fest, Montreal’s punk music festival, took place over the Victoria Day weekend. With a ridiculous amount of bands (over 150 to be less than exact) spread over an outdoor stage and several local watering holes, like Foufounes Électriques, Théatre Sainte-Catherine and The Katacombes, there was hardly a calm moment to be had. Add to that—as if there wasn’t already enough to keep a person busy—some softball at Lafontaine Park, and for those who favour a comic Pouzza Fest first, Pouzza Laughs featured stand-up comics from both Canada and the United States. And of course, let’s not forget Punk Rock Yoga in the park.

Main picture: Mustard Plug performs at the outdoor stage.

1. Kelli Mayo of Skating Polly.

2. Stage dive during Red City Radio set at Foufounes.

3. Fans at the Jardins Des Bières

4. Acoustic show featuring (from left to right) Jon Snodgrass, Joey Cape, Chris Cresswell and Brian Wahlstrom.

5. Glen Pine of The Slackers.

6. RVIVR’s Erica Freas on guitar and Kevin Rainsberry on drums.

7. Toronto punk band Pup with Stefan Babcock on vocals and Nestor Chumak on bass.

8.  Members of The Raygun Cowboys kicking it up.

9. Even punkers sing the blues; Brian Wahlstrom.

10.  San Fransisco’s Jawbreaker brought their unique blend of reggae and punk to the Foufounes stage.

11. One’s never too young to Pouzza.

12. Bad Cop / Bad Cop with Linh Lee, Jennie Cotterill, and Myra Gallarza on drums.

13.  What’s more punk than sticking out your tongue at a fellow Lagwagon bandmate? From left to right, Dave Raun, Chris Rest, Joe Raposo and Joey Cape.

14. Daryl Wilson of The Bollweevils.

15. The Real McKenzies inspire some extreme crowd surfing. 

16.  Looking for an Uber or checking Facebook? 

17. Mike drop time. Dave Kirchgessner of Mustard Plug.