Police respond to threat in Ubisoft building, Explosion causes REM delays, McGill students form a fight club

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro


Police respond to threat in Ubisoft building

A large portion of Montreal’s Mile-End neighborhood was blocked off by police on Friday, 

following violent threats allegedly targeting the Ubisoft Montreal headquarters. 

SWAT police arrived at the scene and aided the evacuation of dozens of people from the building.

Several media outlets are reporting that a prank call was the reason for the event. 


Explosion causes REM delays

An explosion in the Mount-Royal tunnel delayed construction on a new REM line. 

Officials say explosives from the early 1900’s are to blame for the damages. 

No one was hurt in the accident. 


McGill students form a fight club

A group of McGill students were reportedly involved in a fight-club style event last Monday.

The so-called ‘fight night’ was advertised widely on social media.

CTV News reported the story, saying students blame COVID-19 stress as a contributing factor to the event.