Pitch Perfect 2

Universal Pictures 2015 - Directed by Elizabeth Banks and written by Kay Cannon

Oh no! It's the dread of having to review another sequel, which only means that it has to supersede its primary, the first one in the series. After the strong success of the first Pitch Perfect (2012), a sequel was bound to happen in the hopes to answer the fan's question, "whatever happened to The Bellas?" Luckily, Pitch Perfect 2 retains its core to showcase great musical numbers set to choreography, a great cast ensemble who make up The Bellas, and the witty banter of John and Gail. This film is a directorial debut for Elizabeth Banks.

With The Bellas sitting on top of the a capella game, they are invited to perform at the Lincoln Centre for President Obama's Birthday. Things go awry when there is a technical malfunction caused by Amy (Rebel Wilson). Disgraced and their reputation tarnished, The Bellas must fight for survival in the a capella world. They have their eyes set on the major leagues in a world competition against European invasion of their main rivals, Das Sound Machine. Becca (Anna Kendrick) struggles juggling an internship at a music company, where she stands out for her mashup skills on a famous rappers holiday album, and keeping The Bellas together. New to The Bellas is Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld), a Bella witha fresh voice and much to learn. There is also a montage of The Bellas bonding at retreat to find that drive again, and a great call back to the original film with an stripped-down cover of "Cups". This preparation has lead them to the world competition, where they compete against Das Sound Machine, who have always been a step above them. 

Elizabeth Banks has kept the integrity and the heart of what the first Pitch Perfect had. This can be attributed to the success of the sequel, as well a great directorial debut. Hailee Steinfeld (Begin Again) provides a great breath of fresh air due to her voice and original song compositions. The musical numbers are all great, and will become catchy ear worms as you leave the theatre humming the songs. There is also a great genre diversification. The wittiness of Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Gail (Elizabeth Banks) is stronger than ever, proving that Kay Cannon can write some great comedic lines for the leading ladies. When it comes down to it, Pitch Perfect 2 keeps the integrity of the series, and amps up the musical numbers. 

Rating: 4/5

Pitch Perfect 2 comes to DVD on Tuesday, September 22, 2015.


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