Pigeon Hole Phoner w/ Rhuk One on Da Cypha

Rhuk One, host of former CJLO Hip Hop show extraordinaire Scarborough Sessions has returned to the air and his first assignment; interview the one and only Pigeon Hole. When the opportunity to interview both Dusty & Marmalade of Pigeon Hole came about, Doc Holidae couldn't do it, but he got the next best thing (some would say the best option but that’s a different discussion). Even though The boys have been busy touring with Sweatshop Union promoting their recently released album Age Like Astronauts (# 2 CJLO Hip Hop Charts and # 12 on CJLO Top 30), they  took time talk life and music with Rhuk One.

Tune in Friday August 20th for the triumphant return of Rhuk One to the airwaves and an interview not to be missed…

P.S. Yes Döc Holidæ is secretly trying to convince Rhuk One to start a show and no, he is not ashamed to ask on the frontpage of the CJLO website.

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