Patients traveling for essential medical services exempt from quarantine, Expect slower snow removal in Montreal, McGill students facing eviction

Hadassah Alencar




Patients traveling for essential medical services exempt from quarantine

Ottawa has announced that Canadians receiving medical treatment abroad won’t need to quarantine when they get home. 

New regulations also exempt those people from needing to get a COVID-19 test on arrival.

All the proof they’ll need is a doctor's note saying their treatment in another country is essential.

Expect slower snow removal in Montreal

In other news, Montrealers can expect to see the 15 cm of snow from the winter storm on Tuesday stay on the streets a little while longer.

This is because snow removal will be delayed over the sheer amount of snow from the storm.

What’s more, another snowfall is expected on Friday which could cause further delays.

McGill students facing eviction

A group of McGill students are facing eviction from the university’s dorms after having small gatherings last month, CTV news reports.

At first, they were temporarily kicked out because those gatherings broke COVID-19 protocols.

Now, those same students are being asked to either leave voluntarily, or undergo a hearing with the school.

If they choose the second option, students could face a mark on their disciplinary record, or even expulsion.