Ottawa pledges to help Afghan interpreters, Quebec Launches 2 million dollar vaccine lottery, Link between floods in Europe and climate change

Shanellie Marie


Ottawa pledges to help Afghan interpreters 

The federal government is under pressure to help former translators, interpreters, and cultural advisors who helped the Canadian military during the war in Afghanistan.

Immigration minister Marco Mendicino said Ottawa has been helping a dozen Afghans facing arrest or worse by the Taliban for working in Canada.

Veterans have voiced their concerns that if the government isn't fast enough, the workers are at risk of being tueries and killed. 


Quebec Launches two million dollar vaccine lottery 

The Quebec government is offering two million dollars in lottery prizes, in an effort to get more people vaccinated.

Health Minister Christian Dube announced the initiative Friday at Loto Quebec headquarters.

Quebec is also opening a lottery for children ages 12-17, for bursaries between 10,000-20,000 dollars for school.

Those with two doses can register as of July 25, for a September draw.


Link between floods in Europe and climate change 

Following extreme rains and flooding across Europe, climate scientists say climate change is to blame. 

The flash floods claimed about 150 lives and counting..

Rising air temperatures and humidity are delaying rainfall, leading to drought and storms and eventually concentrated floods.

The trend is also appearing in Canada, where emissions have created a “heat dome” with temperatures reaching 50 degrees celsius on the west coast.

European authorities are proposing billions to help cut emissions.