#NOREGARD clothing brand releases documentary to support brand awareness

Shanellie Marie




Lance Daniel documentary premiered July 15, 2021 to promote his clothing brand #NOREGARD.

He is a former flag football player for the FPF, Flag Plus Football league in Montreal Quebec.

In 2012, Lance created a clothing brand based on his team name called #NOREGARD.

The brand sold merch to friends, family and fans to support his team!

Since then, Lance has been actively working as a freelance videographer for the league 

Last year, he decided to rebrand and trademark the brand.


Justin Leblanc, is a close friend and supporter of the team since the very beginning.

He believes the #NOREGARD brand offers a motivational message to potential customers. 

"It's just a general message of a supportive team, a family, positive thinking, having grit and grinding out through," Justin said.


Lance decided he wanted to try something new, 

He compiled all the clips he filmed from the team over the years, and created a short documentary, as an origin story for the brand.

His goal is to use his film to connect with a wider audience.

He said, "Sky's the limit in terms of just your potential, it's now a matter of making all eyes see your product. I always believed the documentary has no limitations."


Lance’s Former teammate Darius Golebiowski who starred in the film, gave several interviews explaining crucial moments in the team’s history.

Darius thinks that although the e-commerce industry is a tough one to establish roots, the film provides an emotional connection, giving the brand an advantage over potential competitors.

"The emotional connection will definitely play a very very important factor in having people say," I'm going to buy his brand," over some of the other established brands out there."

"I think the documentary will complement that, it will feed that whole aspect of really connecting with people on an emotional level," said Darius.


In the next coming month, you will be able to stream the film on Prime Video and Youtube.

To shop all #NOREGARD clothes, you can find them by visiting their website at www.noregardshop.com

Catch them on instagram @#noregardshop