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Parti Quebecois leader Jean François Lisée is calling for Coalition Avenir candidate Éric Claire’s resignation from political life.

The Montreal Gazette reports Claire accepted a $55 thousand loan from the mayor of Ancienne Lorette.

The money was used to buy a house, Lisée says the loan signifies a conflict of interest.

Claire claims the loan never effected his decision making as a member of the National Assembly.



London Ontario will be the first city in Canada to implement a ranked ballot system in it’s upcoming October election.

The CBC reports Londoners held a practice election earlier this year so residents could become familiar with the new system.

Ontario cities Cambridge and Kingston are holding referendums on whether or not to bring ranked voting to their municipalities.



Japan has been hit with it’s largest typhoon in 25 years, at least seven are dead, 200 are injured.

Over 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate affected areas.

The storm, named Typhoon Jebi, is expected to move north into southern Russia through the week.