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ROMEO SAGANASH: “Why doesn’t the Prime Minister just say the truth, and tell Indigenous Peoples that he doesn’t give a fuck about their rights?”

That’s Romeo Saganash, Quebec New Democrat MP, addressing the house of commons this week.

Saganash cursed the government for disregarding Indigenous lands with regards to pipeline construction.

ROMEO SAGANASH: “...that Canada will not be able to accommodate all Indigenous concerns. What that means is that they have decided to willfully violate their constitutional duties and obligations”


A homeless family has pitched their tent in front of the Nunavut Legislature in Iqaluit this week.

The family, equipped with a nylon tent and a Coleman stove, say they are there to bring attention to a rampant housing problem in the region.

APTN reports both parents are working, however are still unable to afford a place to stay.


Al Jazeera reports The United Nations are looking into multiple allegations against the US Air Force.

The allegations say Children were among the civilians allegedly killed in an American airstrike in Afghanistan last week.

The US denies their involvement in any civilian casualties.