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Legault is likely to pull out of a $600 million wind energy project in Northern Quebec

The project would have provided 200 megawatts of energy per year, and supply the region with hundreds of construction jobs, according to the CBC.

According to Jonaten Julien, minister of energy and natural resources, Quebec’s surplus in energy make the project non-profitable.


PETER JULIEN: “300,000 Canadians are being denied the right to representation by this Prime Minister. Will he listen to parties represent 150 members of parliament and call the vote now?”

That’s NDP MP Peter Julian questioning Trudeau on why 3 federal parliament ridings, including Montreal’s Outremont district remain vacant and without federal representation.

Opposition leaders Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer are pressing Trudeau for immediate byelections.

Ontario riding Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes has been without an MP for 3 months, the maximum amount of time a federal seat can be left vacant.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU “ for the byelections, we look forward to calling them soon. I look forward to campaigning against people who are so enthusiastic about the democratic process.”


Brazil’s president elect Jair Bolsonaro is being criticized this week for merging Brazil’s Agricultural and Environmental ministries.

Environmentalists fear for the future of the amazon rainforest.

Earlier this year Brazil’s supreme court reduced the amount of protected forest and granted amnesty for those fined in breach of forestry laws.