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Stories by Rebecca Chant, Allison O'Reilly and Patricia Petit Liang

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By Rebecca Chant

Quebec's inquiry into the treatment of Indigenous people has recognized a case of discrimination for the first time.

Natasia Mukash, a woman from the far-northern village of Whapmagoostui, reported mistreatment at the Val d'Or hospital in 2016.

According to CBC News, Mukash was taken to the hospital following a miscarriage, where she was mocked and mistreated by the nurses.

The Superior Court justice presiding over the Quebec Inquiries told Mukash that she was right to speak out.


By Allison O’Reilly

The Quebec National Assembly will begin debating a bill on Tuesday that would ban face coverings for public servants.

According to CTV News, Bill 62, if passed, would also extend the ban to people receiving municipal services, including public transit.

Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee says the proposed changes are about religious neutrality.

The legislation is expected to pass, since the governing Liberals have a majority in the assembly.


By Patricia Petit Liang

Syrian Democratic Forces have taken full control of the city of Raqqa, ending the so-called Islamic State's 3 year rule over the area.

According to BBC News, the IS made Raqqa its official headquarters in 2014, killing thousands of innocent civilians during their reign.

More than 270,000 civilians have been displaced and are in dire need of food, water and medicine.

At least 3250 people have been killed over the last few months and many of the civilian casualties were the caused by US-led air strikes.