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Two of Hydro Quebec’s board members have resigned after Legault’s statements regarding pulling out of the Apuiat wind energy project.

Radio-Canada reports their resignation statement cited a “broken trust” with Hydro Québec’s leadership.

CEO Éric Martel has expressed his doubts about the project, saying it’s not profitable due to the province’s excess of energy.


ANDREW SCHEER “What a moral failure. The government has no more business looking at personal banking transactions than it does putting cameras in bedrooms. Will the Prime Minister do the right think and stop this practice?”

That was Andrew Scheer, leader of the federal Conservative Party, who continue to press Trudeau on a Statistics Canada pilot project which would collect Canadians’ banking information.

StatsCan would track spending habits, account balances, financial holdings, and debts held by Canadians in order to track inflation.

StatsCan has requested the assistance of Canada’s Privacy Commission, which has launched an investigation into the project.

Another National

British Columbia’s government is replacing old environmental legislation

The update comes in favour of increasing Indigenous and general public participation in decision making.

Environment Minister George Heyman says the updated Environmental Assessment Act is defined by "sustainability and reconciliation."