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By Patricia Petit Liang

Quebec Superior Court justice Donald Bisson has given permission to about 20 women to pursue a class action lawsuit against Just For Laughs founder Gilbert Rozon.

According to CBC News, the survivors are calling themselves "Les Courageuses".

The group stated that they are just the tip of the iceberg and that Rozon has likely assaulted many others who may join the class action later.


By Allison O’Reilly

The city of Montreal's crime rate for 2017 is up 2.9 per cent from the previous year, with cases of sexual assault rising by 22.9 per cent.

According to CBC News, the jump coincides with the SPVM's move last fall to open up  a temporary sexual assault hotline.

In the first five days, it received 253 phone calls.

Six more officers were added to the sexual assault unit last year to help take on some of the investigations.

All numbers can be found in the 2017 annual report of the Montreal police service.


By Patricia Petit Liang

Palestinians officials are asking prosecutors at the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation into Israel's human rights abuses.

According to CBC News, this call to action was submitted after more than 100 Palestinians were killed and 10,000 others were injured by Israeli troops during six weeks of protests along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of massacring unarmed civilians, including children and first responders attempting to provide medical help to the wounded.