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By Calvin Cashen

Montreal food banks are experiencing a large influx of refugee families in need of government support.

According to CBC News, this spike will continue to slow the supply of sustained government assistance for new claimants.

Over 9,000 refugees have crossed the Canadian border in 2018 alone, with several more expected to immigrate throughout the summer.


By Allison O’Reilly

Data released by Statistics Canada shows that nearly half of all youth who end up in custody across Canada are Indigenous.

According to CBC News, Indigenous youth made up 46 per cent of admissions to correctional services from 2016-17 while making up only eight per cent of the youth population

Manitoba activist Michael Redhead Champagne says this statistic shows “unacceptable and systemic racism.”

By province, the numbers of Indigenous youth in custody were highest in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


By Patricia Petit Liang

The Syrian army has launched an assault on the divided city of Deraa, displacing more than 45,000 people.

According to BBC News, at least 32 civilians have been killed by air strikes on Deraa and surrounding towns over the past week.

UN officials stated that the 750,000 people living in the region will continue to be displaced by the violence into the near future.