News for Wednesday, July 6th 2016

By Catlin Spencer

The Palais des congrès, Montreal's Convention Centre, will be playing host to Montreal's Comic-con this eighth, ninth and tenth of July.
Guests of honour for 2016 include Tom Felton from Harry Potter, William Shatner from Star Trek: The Original Series and John Barrowman from Doctor Who.
Fans of Sci-fi, Horror, Anime, Gaming, bande dessinée, and comic books can buy tickets at the door or online at
CJLO will be following the event with day-by-day and post-convention coverage, including updates on social media such as Instagram and Twitter.



By Patricia Petit Liang

The Canadian Human Rights Commission announced that the federal government may soon remove any mention of sex or gender from passports and other official identity documents.
According to CBC News, the Commission's senior official says that gender-neutrality in identity documents is the number one priority for transgender Canadians.
The statement was made during consultations done between the Commission and the transgender community.
No official dates have yet been announced for these changes to happen.



By Saturn De Los Angeles

NASA's research satellite has successfully entered Jupiter's atmosphere this week.
According to BBC News, Juno will orbit around the solar system's largest planet to gather information.
After five years of travelling from earth, Juno's aims to explore the planet's dangerous interior between now and up to 2018.
The planet's surface has a very high radiation rate that can ruin any kind of electronic device with the power equivalent to a million dental X-Rays.