News for Wednesday, July 27th 2016

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Stories by Patricia Petit Liang, Saturn de Los Angeles & Catlin Spencer

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le bhith a' Patricia Petit Liang

Montreal police are now giving fines to Pokemon Go players who are
disobeying the law.

According to Global News, police have been handing out tickets for
jaywalking and illegal parking since last weekend.

While many Pokemon Go players were upset about receiving fines from
the police, many continued to cross the street at red lights and park
their cars in front of fire hydrants on Monday.

Police have had to routinely intervene at mass groupings, such as
those at Atwaters Cabot Square.

le bhith a' Saturn de Los Angeles

Ontario residents can now order their favourite alcohol online.

According to CBC News, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario has
re-launched their website.

Patrons can now choose from a virtual wine shelf of up to 5,000 local
products and have them delivered to their door step.

CEO George Soleas says the move reflects the Board's initiative to
modernize and help expand the province's economy.

Soleas adds that upon delivery of their online order, patrons will
need to show proper identification to prove they are of legal age.

le bhith a' Catlin Spencer

The worst mass killing in generations in Japan took place on Tuesday
after a man with a knife killed 19 people and wounded 20 others.

According to CTV News, the man entered a facility for the handicapped
just 50 kilometres from Tokyo around 2 am.

Official sources in the Kanagawa prefecture say that he had worked at
the facility until February.

The man turned himself into the police two hours later and has been charged.

Japan, which enforces extremely strict gun laws, rarely sees mass killings.