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By Patricia Petit Liang

A 33 year old pregnant woman lost her child after being stabbed by her partner Sofiane Ghazi on Monday.

According to CTV News, police had visited their home several hours before the killing took place to respond to a domestic dispute call.

Although the woman survived the attack, Ghazi was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder along with other charges as their child died shortly after being delivered via emergency C-section.


By Paricia Petit Liang

Alberta is the latest province to make the abortion pill free to any woman who requests it.

According to CTV News, the pill may be used to terminate pregnancies of up to 49 days.

Women will be required to undergo an ultrasound before taking the pill to rule out potential health risks.   


By Allison O’Reilly

Russian human rights group Memorial has released the names of 13 detainees said to have been shot by police in Chechnya.

According to BBC News, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported that 27 Chechen prisoners were shot dead in secret in January.

Memorial says it pressed Chechen officials for information on the missing men, and were told they couldn’t confirm if they were dead or alive.