News for Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

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Stories by Catlin Spencer

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By Catlin Spencer
A soup kitchen in Laval received a new security system after a
series of break-ins in the past week.

According to CBC News, Fondation Le Monarque works to provide food and
clothing to the homeless in Laval.

Unfortunately, it has suffered from three recent break-ins- in which
their electrical cables were stripped, their cooking appliances were
stolen and their food was left to spoil.

Since word has gotten out, donations have poured into the foundation,
including new appliances and the security system.

By Catlin Spencer

Air Canada is being accused of discriminating against a man one one of their flights
because his wheelchair would not fit in the planes cargo area.

According to CTV News, Tim Rose was informed that he would not be able
to board his flight from Toronto to Cleveland this September because
his wheelchair is 13 centimetres too tall for the cargo doors.

Rose says he felt dehumanized when a representative compared his
wheelchair to oversized luggage.

An Air Canada representative says the airline has offered alternative
flights on planes with doors to accommodate the wheelchair or
transporting the chair on another flight.

Rose denies ever receiving such offers.

By Catlin Spencer

While flossing has always been considered an essential part of oral hygiene, 
experts are now saying there is very little evidence proving its effectiveness.

According to Global News, it was revealed in a letter to the
Associated Press from the federal government that the effectiveness of
flossing has never been researched- and any existing evidence is
inconsistent, weak and lacks efficacy.

While The American Dental Association and American Academy of
Periodentology insist on the benefits of flossing against plaque,
gingivitis and tooth decay, their studies use outdated research
methods and extremely brief trial periods.

However, hygienists and dental associations insist that flossing is an
integral part of good oral health alongside brushing, maintaining a
healthy diet and regular dental check-ups.