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By Calvin Cashen

Residents of central and northern British Columbia are bracing themselves for potential wildfires.

According to CTV News, over 145 wildfires ignited last weekend, accumulating in nearly 600 active fires in the province.

No evacuation plans have been announced since, but residents were warned to keep a watchful eye in case of potential threats.


By Allison O’Reilly

Canadian Blood Services says it is in “urgent” need of donors before the Labour Day weekend.

According to CTV News, the organization specifically needs more than 22,000 donations by August 26th.

Type O-negative blood is especially in demand because it is compatible with all other blood types.


By Patricia Petit Liang

More than 35 people were killed after a bridge collapsed in Italy on Monday.

According to BBC News, vehicles and debris fell more than 90 meters onto railroad tracks, buildings and into a river.

At least 200 firefighters are trying to rescue people caught in crushed vehicles and rubble.