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By Michael Foldvari

The ongoing spring rainfall and thaw has caused the unprecedented rise in water levels of and flooding in parts of southern and western Quebec.

According to CBC News, The water level in the Rivière Ouareau, which runs through Rawdon in the Lanaudière region have reached record highs.

Residences in Ontario and Quebec have experienced flooding but their owners have not yet received evacuation orders.



By Patricia Petit Liang

The Canadian government is stripping Jorge Vinicio Sosa Orantes's citizenship after his role in a violent massacre during Guatemala's civil war.

According to CBC News, Sosa is currently serving 10 years in prison for immigration fraud in the United States.

Sosa had his American citizenship revoked in 2014.



By Patricia Petit Liang

Steve Stephens took his own life after recording himself murdering Robert Godwin in Ohio on Tuesday morning.

According to BBC News, 74 year old Robert Godwin was a grandfather who had been walking home from Easter lunch with his family,

Godwin’s family will miss him dearly.