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By Patricia Petit Liang

The Quebec Commission of Human Rights is being criticized for their claim that the STM's lack of accommodation for the differently-abled is not discrimination.

According to CTV News, 17 people filed a complaint against the STM in 2011 for their lack of accessible metro stations and ramps on city buses.

The vice president of the disabled rights group RAPLIQ stated that 40 percent of city buses have defective    ramps, leaving differently-abled travelers stranded in freezing weather.


By Patricia Petit Liang

Ontario police have arrested 78 people during a human trafficking investigation.

According to CTV News, the victims of Ontario's human trafficking ring were relocated and provided with medical attention and housing following these horrific crimes.

Officers seized copious amounts of drugs, cash and weapons from suspects during the investigation.

By Michael Foldvari

The state sanctioned persecution of gay men in Chechnya is in an ongoing state of escalation.\

According to BBC News, both the Chechnyan police force and government are carrying out an organized campaign to detain and torture gay men.

3 people have died and many others have been severely tortured with electric shocks and violent beatings.