News for September 30th 2015

by Catlin Spencer

Starting October 18th, untreated water waste will be dumped into the St. Lawrence River for seven days during a construction project on the Bonaventure Expressway.

According to the Montreal Gazette, to build a new chute to dispose of snow in the winter, construction workers need to shut down a sewer to work on it.

Shutting down the sewer means that 13, 000 litres of water a second will be redirected into the river from LaSalle, Lachine, Verdun and Notre-Dame-de-Grace.

Projet Montreal is condemning the city for allowing the redirection into the river, but City spokesperson Philippe Sabourin says there is no realistic way around it.


For the first time in National history, Canada's seniors now outnumber children in the country.

According to The Globe and Mail, there are more Canadians aged 65 and up than those aged 15 and under.

The finding was released by Statistics Canada on Tuesday and was met by researchers with both anxiety and slight optimism.

Optimistically, the numbers show that this generation of seniors are richer and fitter than any before it.

However, at the current rate, seniors will use up 62 per cent of the provincial health-budgets by 2036.


Doctors in the United Kingdom have been given the green light to carry out the country's first 10 womb transplants since the procedures success in Sweden.

According to BBC, the transplants, which will be part of a clinical trial, will start in the Spring.

The procedure will take about six hours, where the womb will be transplanted from a donor who has passed away but who's heart has been kept beating.

Once the womb is no longer needed, it will be removed by a team of surgeons.

A consultant gynaecologist in London, Dr. Richard Smith, says the technique would offer hope to couples unable to have children of their own.