News for September 2nd, 2015

by Saturn de Los Angeles

Quebec doctors will soon be given guidelines to facilitate end of life procedures for terminally ill patients. 

According to CTV News, with the passing of Bill 52 last year, Quebec will be the first province to provide doctors with special instructions for the procedure, as well as kits made in collaboration with pharmacists.

Only mentally competent patients who meet a strict set of criteria will be able to seek help in ending their life.

The Canadian Medical Association says it is uncertain when other provinces will follow suit, and it is aiming to have a unified set of standards.


by Patricia Petit Liang

More and more First Nations newborns are being seized from their families in Manitoba.

According to the Globe and Mail, Manitoba has the highest apprehension rates in Canada, with more than 318 newborns being seized by social workers and being put into foster care.

More than 10,000 children are in Manitoba’s care and the province’s system has been heavily criticized following the deaths and assaults of several children.

Many consider the seizing of First Nations newborns to be as damaging as Indian residential schools.


by Catlin Spencer

Despite paying hundreds of euros for tickets, roughly one thousand migrants are stranded in Budapest on their way to northern Europe.

According to BBC, police sealed off a major railway station terminal in an attempt to enforce European Union law- which states that those seeking asylum must do so in the first EU country they enter.

The majority of the migrants are headed to Germany, which is expecting to see 800, 000 migrants this year, about four times what it saw last year.

Unfortunately, many countries such as Italy and Greece cannot handle the sudden influx of asylum seekers with the number of migrants reaching record levels in Europe.