News for September 29th 2015

By Danny Aubry

A new local business called Apisen will begin production in early 2016 thanks to Concordia University's Innovation Centre, District 3.

According to the Montreal Gazette, District 3 was created two years ago with the intention of providing university students with opportunities to bring business ideas to life.

Concordia University's President Alan Shepard stated that it's part of the University's responsibility to help students create a future for themselves.

To date, 15 small businesses have been created since District 3 began.

By Julian McKenzie

The chief coroner of Nunavut offered his support on a ruling of an inquest that says suicide should be a public health crisis.   

According to CTV News, Coroner Padma Suramala called for the inquiry in 2014 after 45 suicides occurred within the territory. 

This is a record number for Nunavut and it brought its suicide rate to 13 and a half times above the national average.  

Suramala believes that acknowledging Nunavut’s suicide rate could be the next step in the territory creating suicide prevention initiatives.

By Pauline Nesbitt

President Obama announced that he had received pledges for 30,000 peacekeepers from over 50 countries, following  a U.N. summit of world leaders that was held in New York on Monday.

According to Reuters News, President Obama stated the pledges include helicopters, medical units and training, as well as equipment to handle roadside bombs.

President Obama explained that these commitments will make it easier and quicker to deploy peacekeeping forces if a new mission is created.