News for September 24th 2015

by Saturn de Los Angeles


Montreal's inspector-general is asking the city to take legal action against a construction company for not doing their job properly. 

In a report by CBC News, Demix construction was awarded the 3.5 million dollar contract to do road repair work in Montreal North and Anjou. 

But when inspector-general Denis Gallant discovered that the company didn't respect the budget and labour rules in the contract, he ordered to suspend the project immediately.

A spokesperson from the company's supervisor - SNC-Lavalin - defended Demix, claiming that they have respected all of the requirements for the repair work. 

Mayor Denis Coderre's office is currently reviewing the inspector-general's report.

by Emeline Vidal

Environment Canada declared on Tuesday that it would open an investigation into Volkswagen AG's emission scandal.

The German automaker recently admitted that most of its diesel cars were fitted with a "cheating device", which made the car fuel-efficient only when it was being tested, and not in everyday situations.

According to the Financial Times, critics found Environment Canada's response too lenient.

Between 2009 and 2015, roughly 100, 000 Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars have been sold in Canada, but no recall has been issued as of yet.

Volkswagen has issued a stop-sale notice on its current diesel vehicles all over the country.

by Julia Bryant

Leaders in the European Union agreed Thursday to improve border controls in regards to the migrant crisis.

The leaders have decided to send about $1.1 billion to international agencies stationed in the countries that refugees are coming from. 

According to CTV, the leaders also agreed that by November, both Greece and Italy need to have experts in place to register and screen incoming migrants.

The goal of these plans is to help refugees move quickly and efficiently into new countries.