News for September 23rd 2015

by Catlin Spencer


A woman who died during Montreal's marathon on Sunday has been identified.

According to CBC, 34 year old Kareen Rivere collapsed near the eight kilometre mark of the marathon near the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The coroners office is investigating the cause of death, as Riviere was apparently found in cardiac arrest by paramedics.

The last marathon death occurred in 2011, when a man in his thirties collapsed during the race.




Several government witnesses testified Wednesday at a coroners inquest, saying overcrowded housing and poor school attendance are factors in Nunavut’s high rate of suicide.

52 per cent of people in Nunavut live in social housing, there are roughly 3 guidance councillors in the entire territory and 75 per cent of students are not graduating.

According to CBC, the suicide inquest made 42 recommendations last week after revealing that it is failing to meet it's goals.

Nunavut's manager of student support services, Charlotte Borg, says the territory is trying to institute mental health programming and address the problems contributing to the provinces suicide rates.




After raising the price of an AIDS medication nearly 5000 per cent, the head of Turing Pharmaceuticals has agreed to lower it.

According to BBC. Martin Shkreli first defended increasing the cost of the drug used by AIDS patients from 13.50 dollars to 750 saying the profits would help fund new treatment research.

However, after receiving criticism from medical groups and online backlash, Shkreli agreed to lower the price on Daraprim to a point that is more affordable.

Shkreli did not say how much the price will be lowered by, only that the company will still be able to make a small profit.