By Pauline Nesbitt

Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre announced new safety recommendations aimed at improving the use of the roads on Monday.

According to CBC, the recommendations include allowing cyclists to use sidewalks in some situations and permitting the Idaho stop.

The recommendations also include increasing the fine for opening car doors when cyclists are near and for cyclists who break the law rather than giving them demerit points.

Making helmets and snow tires mandatory and Idaho stops at red lights were not included in the recommendations.

By Saturn De Los Angeles

60-million dollars plus 25 individual one-million dollar prizes are all at stake for this week's Lotto national Max draw.

According to CTV News, the prize was a result of increasing the jackpot cap from $50 to $60 million earlier this year.

The top prize for the winning ticket is usually worth $10 million.
However, Andrea Marantz, of the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation, claims that she wasn't expecting the jackpot to reach the cap this soon.  

The winning Lotto Max numbers will be drawn this Friday.

By Danny Aubry

Russia has begun sending drone aircrafts to Syria on a surveillance mission for the civil war within the country.

According to Reuters, Syria's civil war has claimed the lives of 250,000 people thus far.

US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that the United States supports Russia's involvement in fighting the Islamic state militants within Syria.

While the United States supports Russia's fight against the Islamic state militants, they oppose their support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.