News for September 16th 2015

by Patricia Petit Liang


Taxi drivers around the world have deemed Wednesday to be their international day of protest against the Uber mobile app.

According to the Montreal Gazette, Montreal taxi drivers will meet at the Montreal Technoparc area at 9:30am and drive slowly to the airport.

Uber’s legal status in Canada is unstable, with some politicians encouraging Uber to expand its operations in the country and the Taxi Bureau fining Uber drivers and confiscating their vehicles.

Most of the Uber drivers will contest their fines in court in the next couple of months, helping to decide Uber’s fate in Canada.

by Alexa Everett
McGill University remains one of the top-ranking institutions in the world. 
According to the National Post,  McGill placed 24th in the QS World University Ranking's list.
However, this was a drop from it's 21st rank in last year's London based survey. 
Concordia University's ranking increased significantly, jumping nearly fifty spots from the 460 range to the 410 range out of roughly 3, 000 schools. 
by Saturn de Los Angeles

In midst of a growing migrant dilemma across Europe, Hungary has decided to shut down its borders next to Serbia. 

In a report by BBC News, the country's legislature declared a state of emergency as it aims to control the influx of migrants from their fellow non-European Union nation. 

A razor fence was installed between Hungary and Serbia, leaving homeless people stranded, with many resorting to throwing food as a sign of protest.

Authorities state that anyone who damages the fence will be either put in jail or deported.