News for September 11th, 2015

By Catlin Spencer

Exterminators say that Montreal's bedbug infestations are out of control and that they can hardly keep up with the demand.

According to CBC, Maheu Extermination Ltée specialist Harold Leavey says he would have one or two bedbug cases a year back in 2000, but now it is up to 50 or 100 cases a day.

Exterminators are also saying that bedbugs have become more resistant to the chemicals used to kill them, meaning more visits are necessary to fully eliminate the infestation.  

The city of Montreal denies seeing any increase in problems, and says that is is simply a situation that is remaining stable.


By Patricia Petit-Liang

Large Canadian cities are experiencing a housing crisis, as more and more renters spend more and more on housing, with 1 in 5 Canadians spending as much as half their income on rent.

According to CBC News, data taken by Statistics Canada in 2011 suggests that four out of ten households spend about a third of their income on rent, which is not sustainable for renters.

While the federal government spent $1,7 billion on social housing this year, most social housing spaces date from the early 90’s and is badly in need of repair.

Montreal may suffer the most during this housing crisis, as it was found to be the most rental-heavy city in all of Canada, with 60 percent of residents renting apartments to live in.


By Alexa Everett

Flooding rain water has displaced more than 100,000 homeowners in Japan. 
According to Reuters, the amount of rain from storm Etau is usually only seen every 50 years. 
On the main island of Honshu, 17 people are reported injured while seven remain at large.
 The country's government has since set up an emergency center.