News for September 10th, 2015

By Saturn de Los Angeles

The City of Montreal has announced that it will have a dozen self-cleaning toilets ready for use next year.

In a report by CBC News, the public toilets will be installed across the downtown area.

The decision to have them out for public use was a result of a successful implementation of public toilets outside Berri square and at Quartier des Spectacles.

The approved budget will have a price tag of $1 million allocated for the next three years, with each self-washing toilet expected to cost $300,000.

By Julia Bryant

First Nations Chiefs in Ontario have launched a fundraising plan to start a public inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

According to CTV, the chiefs said they won't wait any longer for the federal government to agree to a public inquiry.

The Conservative government has continually stated that a public inquiry is not necessary because over 80 per cent of the murders end up being solved.

This new fundraising campaign, titled "Who Is She", will include photos of the missing women, messages from their families, and the option to donate.

By Emeline Vidal

In his speech on Thursday, the president of the European Union, Jean-Paul Juncker, proposed that Europe welcome 160,000 Syrian migrants.

According to the New York Times, the former prime minister of Luxembourg acknowledges that this number is still not enough to alleviate the situation.

While leaders could not agree on more modest quotas, Juncker told his audience that dignity and humanity was a matter of historical fairness.

The response to the influx of Syrian migrants is uneven and controversial across Europe.

Germany has received 800,000 migrants so far, while Hungary and Great Britain remain largely opposed to opening their borders.