News for October 29th 2015

by Catlin Spencer

Montreal Police officers will soon be equipped with body cameras.

According to CTV News, the city announced Wednesday that the bodycam pilot project is a go after both civil rights groups and police officers have asked for them.

An executive commitee says that 50 Montreal officers will be outfitted with cameras.

The project has been tested in various other cities, with some evidence showing a decrease in the use of force by front-line officers, as well as complaints against police.

by Catlin Spencer
Torontos transit agency is suing Bombardier for tens of millions of dollars in damages after Bombardier has failed to deliver 204 new street cars.
According to The Globe and Mail, Bombardier has been hit by production problems and recently told Toronto that it can only deliver 16 street cars by the end of the year.
TTC is now pursuing legal action as well as looking into alternate suppliers for it's public transit.

The order to replace the city’s vehicles was placed in 2009 and  was due to be delivered by 2019. 

by Saturn de Los Angeles

Google is working on a project that will have balloons beaming wireless internet from the sky. 

According to BBC News, Google's Project Loon aims to bring internet access to remote communities with connectivity speeds at 4G levels.

Once in the sky, the large high-pressure balloons- equipped with solar powered computer equipment- will link up to antenna towers on the ground to provide service. 

Currently, mobile phone providers from Indonesia and Sri Lanka have expressed enthusiasm in teaming up with Google. 

They're also working on a similar Internet access project called Project:Titan, but with solar-powered drones.