News for October 26th 2015

by Saturn de Los Angeles


The number of complaints against Montreal's taxi bureau have been increasing compared to last year.

According to CBC News, up to 485 grievances were filed between January and September. 

Complaints include inadequate taxi conditions, drivers being uncourteous, drivers failing to respect the highway safety code, and some even refusing to follow a requested route.  

The rising popularity of alternative taxi services such as Uber and UberX is also suspected to be contributing to the rise.

A total of 727 complaints were filed last year.

by Sam Obrand

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien says that its time to renovate 24 Sussex, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Chretien voiced his opinion on Sunday while he appeared on CTV’s Question Period.

Margaret Trudeau - newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mother - announced on Friday during a radio interview that the PM’s family would not move into 24 Sussex any time soon because it was in need of renovations.

Chretien revealed that he himself did not want to invest in the house while he was in power.

by Patricia Petit Liang

An emergency meeting is being held by the leaders of several European countries in order to solve the migrant crisis in the Balkans.

According to BBC News, several leaders have drafted a statement urging countries to only accept migrants if their neighbours agree to let them do it.

Border patrol has increased in the Europe, with Hungary closing its borders to Croatia after a large number of migrants had entered the country.

While countries are struggling to accommodate refugees from places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, many of the migrants have been suffering outside in wet and cold conditions.

Most of the migrants are seeking refuge in Germany, who will take in 800 000 asylum seekers by the end of this year.