News for October 23rd, 2015

Hosted by Julian McKenzie

Stories by Pauline Nesbitt, Alexa Everett, Patricia Petit-Laing

Produced by Emeline Vidal


by Pauline Nesbitt

The City of Montreal has purchased eight hectares of Angell Woods, in Beaconsfield, for $3.5 million.  This piece of land will be added to the protected l’Anse-a-l’Orme nature park.

According to CBC News, this property had been purchased by a developer for the same price in 2011, who had intended to convert an existing building into apartments, but the building has remained vacant.

The president of the Association for the protection of Angell Woods, Stephen Lloyd, said this century-old forest  is the habitat for 10 or 11 rare or endangered species, and that it is important to preserve all existing green space in the area.

The City of Montreal has not revealed whether it is negotiating the purchase of the remaining 70 per cent of Angell Woods that is privately-owned.  

by Alexa Everett

Gilles Duceppe has resigned as leader of the Bloc Quebecois. 

After votes for the party decreased for the fourth year in a row, Duceppe stepped down for a second and last time. 
Support slid from 1.85 million votes in 1993 to 819,000 votes this election. 
Duceppe failed to be elected in his riding of Laurier- Sainte-Marie, and no replacement has been elected.


by Patricia Petit-Laing

Several university students in South Africa have been charged with public violence during one of the country’s largest student protests.

According to BBC News, the 29 students arrested were protesting a proposed increase in tuition costs and demanding the resignation of South Africa’s Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande.

Similar student protests took place in South Africa after apartheid ended in 1994, with many expressing their dissatisfaction towards the governing African National Congress.