News for October 22nd 2015

by Julia Bryant

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre has released a new budget for road improvements over the next three years.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Coderre administration is planning to spend a total of 5.24 billion dollars on the capital works program.

The proposed budget is 15 per cent higher than the one that was released a year ago.

The official opposition at city hall is skeptical of the plan, saying that the completion rate of capital works projects is "catastrophic". 

The program is meant to improve roadways, replace pipes, and to build or repair parks and libraries.

by Saturn De Los Angeles

A record number of First Nation MPs will be elected into Canada's 42nd parliament. 

According to CBC News, eight Liberal and two NDP MPs will represent First Nation communities in B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the three territories.

The victory was welcomed by the Assembly of First Nations, as Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has pledged to improve indigenous education, end the boil water advisories within five years, and initiate an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women.  

54 indigenous candidates from all four major Parties had campaigned; with those in the Conservative and Green parties winning no seats.

by Emeline Vidal

A review published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that small children could benefit from eating allergenic foods.

The Globe and Mail reports that babies as young as 4 months old can safely be introduced to peanuts, shellfish, and cow milk, among other products.
Parents were previously cautioned to keep children away from anything potentially allergenic, but the review's authors found that this strategy might have instead contributed to a spike in allergic reactions.
The team also found that allergies could be transmitted through broken skin or injuries in children.
Pregnant women are still advised to stay away from allergenic foods, since they are linked to premature births.