News for October 14th 2015

by Alexa Everett

A pair of Montreal men are facing charges of misrepresentation and exporting without a permit after selling American railway equipment to Iran.

According to CBC, sixty-seven-year-old Michael Allen and 75-year-old Hugo Dreckmann work at a locomotive company in St-Lazare. 

The duo was trying to pass off equipment made in the U.S as Canadian, directly violating the Export and Import Permits Act. 

The RCMP estimates that the men have made over $10 million in exporting locomotive parts between 2007 and 2012. 

by Saturn de Los Angeles

A new report reveals that Toronto has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada.

According to CTV News, a report released by the city’s Children's Aid Society shows that one in four Toronto youth are living below the poverty line.

29 percent live in low-income families, a figure that remains unchanged since 2007. 

Demographics include children of colour, Native, those from single-parents, newcomer families, and those with disabilities, mostly living in the suburbs. 

The report’s author, Michael Polanyi, says that the success of tens of thousands of youth are at risk unless all government levels prioritize poverty reduction. 

by Patricia Petit Liang

The Dutch Safety board has determined that the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 that crashed in 2014 was hit by a Russian-made missile.

According to BBC News, the missile struck the plane, leading to the disaster that killed 298 people last summer.

Despite the evidence, Russia blames Ukrainian forces for the accident.

The majority of the victims were Dutch, with other passengers and crew members coming from 10 other countries.