News for October 13th, 2015

by Julian McKenzie

An abandoned police station in Kanesatake was burned down on Monday.

According to CTV News, nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is still unknown. 

An investigation has been launched, but citizens of Kanesatake believe that the fire was an act of arson.
According to Grand Chief Serge Simon, the building been vacant since 2004.
A standoff in this police station took place between police officers and Kanesatake residents in 2004, when citizens protested Grand Chief James Gabriel’s methods for cracking down on crime in the community.
by Pauline Nesbitt

Elections Canada has apologized for the long delays voters encountered at the advance polling stations over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

According the CBC News, an Elections Canada spokesperson, Marie-France Kenny, attributed the delays to a much higher voter turnout than anticipated, even though this year’s advance polling period had been increased to four days, instead of three.

The number of early voters on Friday and Saturday had increased by 16 percent since 2011.

Voters who still wish to cast their ballots before Election day can do so at any of the 400 Election Canada offices on Tuesday until 6 p.m.  

by Danny Aubry
US dentist Walter Palmer, who is known for killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, will not be charged for his actions.
According to BBC News, Zimbabwe's Environment minister stated that Dr. Palmer cannot be charged for Cecil's killing because all of his legal papers were in order.
Palmer's action stirred outrage to the point where both his dental office and members of his family were targeted by protesters.
Cecil the lion was a huge attraction in Hwange National Park and he was much loved by all of his visitors.
Palmer claims that if he had known that Cecil was a well-known lion he wouldn't have taken its life.
Palmer has recently returned to work after a two-month absence due to the protesters.