News for November 3rd 2015

by Danny Aubry

Environment Canada has decided to delay their plan to dump eight billion litres of sewage into the St. Lawrence by another week.
According to CTV News, the original plan was to have the sewage dumped into the river beginning October 18th.
The city has stated that the dump is necessary in order to start work on a sewer system and move a snow chute.
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has stated that although this plan may be controversial, it is the best method to save time and money.
The Environment Minister ordered a halt on the dumping back in October out of concern that it might cause irreparable harm to the river.
by Julian Mackenzie

The Liberal Party has received over eleven thousand job applications from supporters after offering jobs in their new government through social media and emails this past Friday.

The CBC says that the Liberals received over three thousand applications within twelve hours and over eleven thousand cover letters by Monday afternoon.

Liberal spokesperson Olivier Duchesneau says that several Rhodes scholars, lawyers and former NGO workers have applied for positions and almost two thousand applicants are bilingual.

Among the many jobs available through the Liberal government include senior managers, as well as administrative and communications staff for cabinet ministers, MPs and inside the Prime Minister’s office.

by Pauline Nesbitt

China’s new legislation that permits couples to have two children will not take effect until next March.

The country recently stated that it would lift it's long standing one-child policy.

According to the BBC News, a spokesperson for the Chinese government’s family planning agency warned that the one-child policy, adopted in 1979, would remain in force for the next four months.

The Chinese government has stated that the new law became necessary to cope with the burden of an ageing population and to stimulate the economy.