News for November 25th 2015

By Saturn De Los Angeles

The Charbonneau commission has concluded that corruption in Quebec's construction industry is much more rampant than originally expected. 

According to CBC News, the 1700-page report confirms that organized crime has long been infiltrating the industry, and it is backed by testimony from almost 300 witnesses. 

With over 60 recommendations that include protection for whistle-blowers, penalties for firms who break the law, and the creation of a neutral entity to oversee public contracts; Commissioner France Charbonneau points out that immediate action must be done to maintain the morality of the industry, or else it will suffer in the long term.

In response, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard says his government will carefully study the recommendations.

He added that the construction problem goes way beyond his own political party, and that he will continue to fight corruption.

by Catlin Spencer
The Trudeau government is extending its deadline to bring 25,000 Syrians to Canada from the end of the year until February.

According to CTV News, the Liberals expect 10,00 refugees to arrive by December 31st and an additional 15,000 through January and February.

Immigration and Refugees Minister John McCallum says the delay is due to the time it takes to preform proper screening procedures- something many Canadians across the country have been asking for.

McCullum says the government will also encourage private sponsorship for at least 10,000 more refugees later in 2016.

by Catlin Spencer
Dell has acknowledged that it inadvertently pre-installed software on PCs that created a profound security flaw to its users.

According to BBC, the flaw could allow attackers access to personal data such as user names, passwords and bank details.

As of Tuesday Dell says it pushed a software update to check for the software and remove it, adding that the flawed certificate will be removed from future systems.

The company says the certificate was originally implemented as part of a support tool intended to make it faster and easier for customers to service their system.