News for November 23rd 2015

By Saturn De Los Angeles


The Quebec government is supporting a local Montreal resource that aims to reduce the cases of radicalized individuals in the city. 

In a report by CTV News, the province is financially backing the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence with a contribution of 1 million dollars.  

In operation since Spring, the centre's features include a behaviour barometer chart, a phone hotline if people feel unsafe, and direct links to local forces such as the provincial police and the RCMP. 

Mayor Denis Coderre calls this new centre a safe way to remain vigilant without necessarily going through the the police.

by Sam Obrand

The federal government has rejected Air Canada’s request to be compensated for the cost of placing air marshals on flights.

The Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program implemented placing covert air marshals on select commercial flights in an effort to prevent potential risks, this coming after the events in New York on September 11, 2001.

According to The Globe and Mail, the program to accommodate sky marshals on flights has cost over 100-million dollars over the last five years.

Although Ottawa has decided not to compensate Air Canada, flights will still hold air marshals to protect travelers.




by Patricia Petit Liang



Belgian police arrested 16 people during armed raids in Brussels on Sunday.

According to CTV News, another day of lockdown in Brussels was announced by the prime minister in fear of a terrorist attack, meaning an estimated 350,000 commuters face disruptions on Monday.

During the raids, police continued their manhunt for a suspect from the recent attacks in Paris.

No firearms or explosives were discovered in the Belgium raids so far, and the government will reassess the country’s threat levels by Monday afternoon.