News for November 19th 2015

by Emeline Vidal

A new electric taxi fleet is looking for 500 volunteers to test its services around Montreal, as of next Thursday.

According to CBC news, the service called Téo will launch a pilot project starting November 26th.
50 electric taxis, including Tesla cars, will be available for a three month trial, after which some 2000 vehicles are expected to be in use.
The app-based service was created as a part of Je vois Montreal, which invites citizens to pitch in their ideas to improve the city.

By Saturn De Los Angeles

The RCMP had no idea they would be in charge of setting up a "barabaric cultural practices" phone hotline if the Conservatives were to form the next government. 

CBC News reports that the infamous hotline, meant to alert authorities of un-Canadian cultural sightings, was created at the last minute by Stephen Harper during the election campaign. 

In an access to information request, the Mounties found documents related to strategic policing and policy making, but nothing to do with the hotline. 

Interim leader Rona Ambrose says she took no part of the decision-making, and stated that the campaign is now over.  

By Julia Bryant with updates from Catlin Spencer
The mastermind behind the Paris attacks and at least one other person is dead after a police raid in Paris on Wednesday.

According to CTV News, police officers and a SWAT team were hunting the alleged leader of last week's attacks after receiving tips that he was hiding out in an apartment in Paris' Saint-Denis neighbourhood. 

The early-morning raid included on-and-off gunfire and explosions for over an hour.

Five police officers were wounded and one SWAT team dog was killed in the incident.

French officials say it is still unclear how exactly the man behind the attacks, 27 year old Belgian extremist Abdelhamid Abaaoud, died.