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A ghost bike was installed in Rosemont in memory of a cyclist who died after a collision with a truck in June.      


The Montreal Gazette reports The Montreal Public Security Commission is scheduled to hold a public discussion to address the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on Monday night.


Ghost bikes are painted in white and affixed to locations where cyclists have died in traffic.




The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) inches closer to a self-government agreement with the federal government.


According to the APTN, the Minister of Crown Indigenous Relations announced a three-part plan to advance reconciliation with the Manitoba Metis community. The plan includes $154.3 million of funding from Ottawa.


The funding will go towards improving the social-economic welfare of the community and aid the Manitoba Metis community gain self-determination.



Refugee children in Spain are being forced to sleep in police stations as receiving facilities struggle to keep up with the soaring number of arrivals.


According to the National Post, The Catalan police force has called for an ‘urgent’ intervention as waiting rooms are converted into emergency dorms.


Spain has reached a record number of migrant arrivals after the EU crackdowns and closure of Italy’s port to migrant ships.