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By Patricia Petit Liang

Police are searching for a silver Porsche in connection to a hit and run that took place on Sunday.

According to CBC News, two women were struck while exiting Plamondon metro after midnight.

Both women were hospitalized and one is currently in critical condition.

By Patricia Petit Liang

The closure of Vancouver’s World Parrot Refuge has left more than 400 parrots homeless.

According to CTV News, Canada is now in the midst of the largest bird relocation in history.

The Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary has been working with veterinarians to treat the birds and is in the process of finding them new homes.

By Patricia Petit Liang

Investigations have been launched following the multiple bombings and stabbing rampages that took place in the United States this weekend.

According to Reuters, although nobody in New Jersey was harmed, the explosion in New York left 29 people injured while 9 people were wounded in Minnesota.

Authorities have named Ahmad Khan Rahami as a possible suspect for the Manhattan explosion, while the attacker in Minnesota was fatally shot by the police.