News for Monday September 14th, 2015

By Danny Aubry 

The former cardiologist Guy Turcotte will undergo a second trial starting Monday, September 14th, for the murder of his two young children. 

According to CTV News, Turcotte was accused of murdering his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in 2009. He was declared to be not criminally responsible for his children's murder during the first trial in 2011. 

Quebec's Court of Appeal overruled that verdict and demanded a new one. He was later treated at the Philippe-Pinel Institute where he was released in September 2014. 

The trial will take place in a court house in St-Jerome, and is expected to last several months. 


By Patricia Petit Liang

Elections Canada has recently tried to make voting more accessible to the country’s disabled community but still has room to improve.

According to CBC News, Elections Canada has made small improvements to accessibility protocols and procedures since the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal asked them to do so in 2010.

However, plenty of citizens with sight, hearing and mobility limitations have encountered various challenges when voting and are dissatisfied with the quality and availability of accommodation at the polls.

James Hicks, the national coordinator for the Council of Canadians with Disabilities, claims that in order to avoid any inconvenience, disabled voters can arrange to mail their votes or have an Election Canada worker visit their home.


By Sam Obrand

The post-war border relation ideal known as “Schengen” is at risk following the summer refugee crisis. 

According to Reuters, the installation of border checks between Germany and Austria brought challenges to Europe’s open border travelling and government debate regarding where to put them. 

The Schengen’s ideal is exposed through The Luxembourg village, the intersection between France and Germany, where immigrants are entering.

According to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the imposition of the border check was put into place as a last resort and does not violate any of the Schengen guidelines.