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By Patricia Petit Liang

The Quebec government unveiled its new prevention-based health plan this weekend.

According to CTV News, Quebec will invest $76 million in the next 10 years to reduce social inequality while improving the health and quality of life of citizens.

This new health plan aims to make affordable housing accessible, reduce smoking amongst Quebecers, encourage teenagers to engage in physical activity and provide more at-home services for the elderly.

By Patricia Petit Liang

Sgt. Chris Hrnchiar has been charged with multiple counts of discreditable conduct after making malicious, racist online comments following the death of Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook.

According to CTV News, the police are currently in the process of investigating Pootoogook’s suspicious death in Ottawa.

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau stated that Hrnchiar’s behaviour was unacceptable and that his charges will be heard in court by November 1st.


By Patricia Petit Liang

More than 170 inmates escaped from Arcahaie jail in Haiti on Saturday.

According to BBC News, two guards and three inmates were killed during the prison escape.

A manhunt has been launched to capture the escapees, and at least 10 prisoners have been recaptured.