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Hundreds of Montrealers came together for the annual Night of the Homeless to raise awareness and help those in need. 

According to CBC, the annual event was initiated 29 years ago by the director of Maison Tangente Johanne Cooper, when she first started working at the shelter. 

She said, "When I started, I said, 'I hope one day, I have no more job.'"

The event provided haircuts, and winter clothing for those living on the streets. 



Canada Post union workers in Victoria, Edmonton and Windsor are set to start a nationwide rotating strike on Monday.

The strike comes as a result of a year-long negotiations between CUPW and Canada Post. 

According to Global News, the primary issues to be negotiated are health and safety of letter carriers, ending forced overtime and overburdening due to service expansions. 

In a statement to the media, CUPW national president Mike Palecek said, “Our goal has always been a negotiated settlement, but we will not agree to anything that doesn’t address health and safety, gender equality and good, full-time middle-class jobs.”


Hundreds and thousands of demonstrates gathered in London on Saturday to march against Brexit.

According to CBC, over 670,000 European Union supporters marched to urge the U.K government to call for a second referendum. 

The protest comes after the U.K government’s multiple failed attempts to reach an agreement with world’s largest trading bloc. 

Protesters voiced their concern on how the exit could affect the unity and economy of the United Kingdom.